“As the mayor of Tullahoma for 18 years, and an alderman for five years, I have seen my share of poor, average and excellent aldermen.  Alderman Blackwell is easily in the category of excellent.

Not only does Alderman Blackwell do the basic work of an alderman, such as attending and preparing for board and committee meetings, she goes well beyond what a typical alderman does.  Alderman Blackwell enthusiastically speaks out on important issues in Tullahoma and works daily to make Tullahoma a better place to work, live, and raise our families.   She makes good things happen and is the definition of a servant leader.

Alderman Blackwell is a leader, excellent communicator, and passionate advocate about the vision of Tullahoma.  She is a strategic thinker, community innovator and a person of action.  Alderman Blackwell models integrity, empathy and humility.  She is always positive and an inspiration to those around her. 

Tullahoma is a better place due to the work of Alderman Blackwell.

I encourage everyone to cast a vote for Rupa Blackwell for alderman and ask her to continue her work on behalf of every Tullahoma citizen.  I know I will!   Tullahoma needs Alderman Blackwell.”

-Lane Curlee

I support Rupa Blackwell because she walks her talk. She brings awareness to critical issues and works to find sustainable, evidence-based solutions. Rupa leads by example, is firmly rooted in family values, and serves our community extraordinarily well.” – Monica Blake- Beasley

Rupa has shown that she is a representative for all residents of Tullahoma.

– J.T. Northcutt

“Rupa listens to her constituents and tries to answer their needs wherever she can. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and energetic. I don’t remember many aldermen who have accomplished as much as she has during her term. I want to be proud of my local government officials and I know that I always can count on Rupa. Besides her work as an alderman, Rupa is actively involved in many other projects/charities in our community and has been since childhood. Her oldest child attends Tullahoma public school (the other child is too young), so she is heavily involved in ensuring the best educational system for all of us.”

– Sara Fitzgerald

“Rupa is brilliant, fair, honest, and compassionate. Rupa proves her devotion to humanity time and time again.” -Gwen Carr

“Rupa’s values are in line with mine, she values the opinion of everyone in the community. She does a lot of work to help make our city better for each person.”

-Cynthia Northcutt

“Rupa is “on fire” for this community, organized and committed to improvement keeping her constituents informed of the happenings within and on the outside of our community! Vote for Rupa!!!!”

-Janna Washington

“I support Rupa’s re-election campaign because she is a dedicated public servant and involved community member. Her efforts to reach out to all members of the community are greatly appreciated, as are the conversations she seeks from her peers. Rupa’s dedication to professionalism and positive voice wins my support. I believe she will be a true advocate for all of the people in Tullahoma, and she will help to ensure that every citizen has voice within local government. I wish her the very best and would urge others to consider voting for Rupa! Rupa has the ability to remove her ‘self’ from issues and listen to her constituents. She is a dedicated voice for the people of Tullahoma.” –Susan Carr

It’s not often you see a community leader act on their promises, but Rupa does. Anyone who knows her knows that they can count on her. Rupa gets things done, plain and simple. I can always depend on Rupa to tell it like it is while still having respect and empathy to whomever she is speaking with.

-Ashli Shockley

I support Rupa’s re-election campaign because she’s a woman of honour who has spent her whole adult life standing up for what is right. She is ready to stand by those too beaten down to fight, but she gives them hope and self-respect. And she is raising two children who will follow her lead. We need young people like Rupa in government.

-Mary Rhudy

Rupa Blackwell makes a genuine effort to be aware of community needs and seeks solutions. She is responsive to constituents questions and concerns. I admire that Rupa Blackwell involves herself in many different activities—talking with different groups of students about her own experiences and sharing her enthusiasm by taking part in community events.

-Joyce Hiebert