About Me

Why I Serve

I serve my community because I believe each of us has a vital role to play in making our community better. To me, that means service. I have spent the last 10 years working in fundraising and large-scale event production for nonprofits. This has allowed me to use what I am best at – logic, problem-solving and relationship building – to help underserved communities across the country. Since moving back to my hometown, my family and I have taken an active role in our community, such as volunteering at my daughter’s school and at local nonprofits like the Tullahoma Art Center and the Tullahoma Day Care Center. I sit on the city’s planning commission, and am helping to coordinate volunteers for this year’s Arts Alive Festival. These experiences have led me to seek a seat on the Tullahoma Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

What Motivates Me

I believe elected officials have the responsibility to listen to the residents of Tullahoma. My goal through this campaign is to talk with as many citizens as possible on their doorsteps, at meetings, wherever they are—so that I may hear their hopes and dreams for our community. Personally, I want what every parent wants: a good school system, great amenities, and good jobs and industry. While this might sound trite to some, to me it is a tangible list of goals. I want to expand our pedestrian and bike infrastructure so that our children can easily and safely get to our fantastic schools. I want good roads that allow for everyone in the community to access the many parks, our greenway, and our robust art and athletic scene. And of course, business recruitment that makes sense for our community: those that offer good pay, benefits and a pathway into management. My reason for wanting these things is simple: I want my children to come back here to raise their families one day. Just as I did.